Who’s Ready for Bem Bom Food Truck?

We are planning our soft opening date for next Thursday April 19, 2012, We will be doing a private event on Friday the 20th but will keep you updated as to where we will be for all other days!!!. Our official debut date is April 25, 2012, which is the Portuguese Carnation Revolution and will be in Palm Bay, FL. We hope you all can make it and will keep you updated as more details come in.

Sooooo excited!


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  1. Juan Carlo says:

    Oh how i wish i could take a bite of your food . I would love to see more catering services who would use a food truck

  2. walter 'Bud' Simciak says:

    Good web site….really hungry now!!! See you guys tonight

  3. Gina p says:

    I had your lamb burger today at clermont Friday truck and it was amazing. I have never tasted such a favor. Great job! I was going to buy a second one but the rain prevented that. Great job!

  4. dhana says:

    Is Bem bom food truct still open? Please advice from catering Florida

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